Looking after your nails

Nail Aftercare

The first 24 hours

Avoid exposure to water for long periods i.e. hot soaks in the bath or swimming.
Avoid exposure to heat i.e. sun beds, saunas, or steam rooms.

The Do’s

  • Wear gloves when washing up, gardening, or using any cleaning products.
  • Be careful when using insect repellents, sun creams, hand sanitiser or any alcohol-based products, or any products containing AHA acids or retinol. Cleanse your hands thoroughly after application to avoid this causing the gel to lift prematurely.
  • Apply cuticle oil and/or hand cream regularly throughout the day, particularly after washing your hands.

The Dont’s

  • Use your nails as tools to pick at labels etc as this will compromise the overlay.
  • File or shape your nails between appointments, this will break the gel seal on the free edge and may cause the gel overlay to lift.
  • Don’t pull the gel off, this will pull the upper layer of the nail with it, thinning the nail. Future adhesion will be limited on nails that have been damaged by pulling off gel. If a nail is lifting, please contact me for an emergency repair. Repairs are free of charge within 72 hours, thereafter they are charged at £5 per nail.

A selection of Sarah’s favourite cuticle and hand care products are available to purchase inside the studio, to ensure you can care for your beautiful manicure at home in between appointments.

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