IBX Rehabilitation Treatment

IBX is a revolutionary two-part system that toughens the natural nail from within, so that it can grow on its own. It also acts as a protective shield, inside the natural nail, under all gel polishes.

The system works by fusing the nails top layers together, creating an interpenetrating polymer network that becomes a permanent addition to the nail to prevent peeling and splitting.

£50 (2 hours)

IBX with Classic Manicure package £50 (2 hours)


Nail Treatment Summary

This service is ideal for clients who have very weak, damaged nails either due to ill health, mechanical damage, or a natural weakness to their nails. Where gel is not suitable, this is an ideal first treatment to restore their health in readiness for gel application once repaired.

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This treatment includes nail and cuticle preparation to enhance the beauty of the nail and remove dead skin, followed by a finishing application of nourishing polish base coat and topcoat.

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