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Please note, nails that have been damaged by previous poor practices, or naturally weak and peeling nails are not suitable for gel in the first instance. In these cases, I will advise as part of your initial consultation and will carry out an IBX treatment to restore the nail health instead of carrying out a gel overlay. Once nails are healthy again, gel can be applied.


IBX Natural Nail Rehabilitation Package

This service is ideal for clients who have very weak, damaged nails either due to ill health, mechanical damage or a natural weakness to their nails. Where gel is not suitable, this is an ideal first treatment to restore their health in readiness for gel application once repaired.

This treatment includes nail and cuticle preparation to enhance the beauty of the nail and remove dead skin, followed by a finishing application of nourishing polish base coat and topcoat.

£50 (2 hours)

IBX Nail Repair and Strengthening

Bridal Packages

Bespoke packages to help get your hands picture perfect for your special day.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Price list

Signature Soft Gel Manicure – £50, with removal £60

Signature Hard Gel Manicure – £60, with rebalance £75

Signature Builder Gel (BIAB) Manicure – £50, with removal £60

Soft Gel removal, without further reapplication of gel – £25

Soft Gel removal with IBX treatment – £50

Hard Gel removal, without further reapplication of gel – £40

Hard Gel removal with IBX treatment – £65

Simple nail art – £10

Includes minimal designs such as hearts, dots, lines or the use of flakes, chrome, foil and loose glitter.

Silk Repair – £3 per nail

A layer of silk cut to size to repair small splits or cracks in the natural nail. Silk is bonded to the nail using a prescriptive treatment gel, before continuing with your chosen overlay.

Form Repair – £6 per nail

Use of a form customised to your nail and finger shape, to create a basis with which to build up a broken and lost free edge. Used where the client does not wish to cut the rest of their nails down, to match up to the length and shape of the existing nails.

IBX Treatment Package – £50

Bridal Package – POA

Removal of gel applied elsewhere – Prices starting at £35

Depending on the material used, for new clients who wish to have their current overlay removed safely. Due to the risk of issues being revealed underneath an overlay applied elsewhere, this is done on the understanding that any nail health issues revealed will mean any services booked cannot be undertaken but will still be charged. Please get in touch via the contact form to discuss.

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