Rejuvenate Your Nails With IBX Natural Nail Rehabilitation

Do you suffer from weak, damaged nails that won’t grow or which break, split or peel easily? This is a common concern for many and most turn to shop bought polishes promising to improve the strength and health of their nails, but in reality the issues remain.

What is IBX?

To truly improve the natural nails, the product needs to penetrate and remain a part of the nail without drying it out or making it brittle.

In 2014, industry leaders Linda and Jim Nordstrom – previous co-founders for Creative Nail Design (CND) – launched the IBX Nails System under their new brand Famous Names, following the sale of CND to Revlon. Developed to remedy the damage seen over her 20 years in the industry, Linda wanted a product which went inside the natural nail to counter damage from within.

Developed with a blend of jojoba and avocado oils, together with monomer technology that works inside the nail, IBX was and still is a truly unique product. Forming an interlocking polymer network, it penetrates the nooks and crannies in the upper layers of the nail plate with the aid of heat (usually an infrared lamp) and nourishing carrier oils. Once IBX is cured with a UV or LED lamp the network is formed, fusing the upper layers of the nail together and providing toughening and protection.

Delivered in a two part system, Repair and Strengthen, each offering different benefits to help you on your way to healthy strong nails.

IBX Nail Repair and Strengthening

Part 1: Repair

An intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity, providing a protective shield and preventing further splitting or peeling particularly to delaminating nails. Also used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent nails from growing longer. Ideal for weak, thin and damaged nails.

Part 2 Strengthen

Applied either alone, or to follow Repair shown above for very weak, damaged nails, Strengthen creates a protective shield for the nail and even reduces white spots that can often occur on the nail particularly those which have regular gel polish. This step toughens the top layers of the nail and with multiple treatments, fills in deep grooves resulting in a stronger nail plate.

Who would benefit from IBX?

This treatment is ideal for clients with fragile nails, caused by illness, mechanical damage, or inherent weakness. Unfortunately, with the increase in unregulated nail bars damage to nails is on the rise due to poor practices and filing of the natural nail with inappropriate force. Very thin, damaged/overfiled nails will be more prone to allergies to gel products and nail plate separation (onycholysis) and in these cases, the IBX package is an ideal first step to repairing your nails back to health.

The highlight of the IBX treatment lies in its innovative formulation, which penetrates deep into the nail plate to strengthen and repair from within. This targeted approach allows for gradual improvement in nail integrity, promoting natural growth and resilience.

With my IBX rehabilitation package now available at Arch Nail Studio, if you resonate with any of the above I would love to help you restore your nails and embark on a journey to being able to enjoy beautiful manicures. As part of the IBX package, I will gently tidy your nails and cuticles before finishing with a nourishing polish base coat and topcoat following IBX application. With each treatment session, you’ll notice visible improvements in nail strength and appearance, paving the way for future gel applications with confidence.

Nail Treatments Available at Arch

Please note, nails that have been damaged by previous poor practices, or naturally weak and peeling nails are not suitable for gel in the first instance. In these cases, I will advise as part of your initial consultation and will carry out an IBX treatment to restore the nail health instead of carrying out a gel overlay. Once nails are healthy again, gel can be applied.

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