The artistry of a Russian Manicure: Elevating nail care to new heights

In the nail care industry, trends come and go, but some techniques stand the test of time. The Russian manicure has redefined the artistry of nail experiences with its meticulous attention to detail, transformative results, and unmatched beauty.

What is a Russian Manicure?

A Russian manicure is more than just a nail treatment, it elevates nail care to an art form. Originating from the skilled hands of Russian Manicurists, and often referred to as European Manicure and Combined/Dry E-file Manicure, this method epitomises precision and sophistication. Unlike traditional manicures, which focus primarily on shaping and polishing the nails, the Russian manicure prioritises the health and integrity of the nail bed, whilst intricately removing all keratinised protein (dead skin) from the nail plate ensuring a flawless canvas for stunning nail enhancements.

The treatment begins with gentle dehydration of the skin and nail plate before careful lifting of the cuticle, preparing the nails for intricate work. Using specialised tools, such as gentle diamond bits tailored to your skin type, to meticulously exfoliate and remove excess cuticle and dead skin leaving a pristine, glowing finish. This precise process creates a clean and uniform surface, allowing for seamless application of gel polish.

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Why choose a Russian Manicure?

The appeal of a Russian manicure lies with the unmatched flawless results, that promote nail health and growth. It is a testament to to meticulous craftmanship and uncompromising attention to detail, in the correct hands of highly trained technicians is an extremely safe practice.

With proper care and maintenance, the results of a Russian manicure can last for weeks. Due to the removal of dead skin in a gentle way, over time the skin stays healthier and less likely to produce hang nails and excess growth of cuticle.

The hallmark of a Russian manicure is its emphasis on nail and skin health and longevity, whilst allowing for gel to be applied just underneath the cuticle pocket. The result? Stronger, healthier nails that radiate natural beauty and a gel overlay which lasts for longer without looking ‘grown out’ quickly.

Russian Manicures at Arch

At ARCH Nail Studio, I am proud to offer the expertise of the Russian manicure technique to my clients. Having trained with industry expert and creator of the Gold Manicure technique, Marina Dobyk, I have learned the intricate techniques to achieve flawless results. I invite you to experience the unparalleled beauty and transformative power of a Russian Manicure at ARCH.


Nail Treatments Available at Arch

Please note, nails that have been damaged by previous poor practices, or naturally weak and peeling nails are not suitable for gel in the first instance. In these cases, I will advise as part of your initial consultation and will carry out an IBX treatment to restore the nail health instead of carrying out a gel overlay. Once nails are healthy again, gel can be applied.

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