Nail Preparation

At Arch we use a combination of specialist e-file techniques, known as the Russian Manicure method, together with a range of iconic Navy and Staleks hand tools all selected for their efficacy and suitability to your nail and cuticle type.

This process thoroughly prepares the nail plate in readiness for gel manicure or can be utilised as a process for maintaining clean, tidy nails and hands as a standalone option after gel removal.

Always a gentle process, dead and keratinised skin is carefully prepared for either buffing or carefully nipping away using precision tools. Nails are never excessively filed, only lightly etched by hand for gel adhesion in the process of gel application, as per brand guidelines. When undertaken by a professional, this should not damage the natural nail and at Arch this is of the utmost importance.

For full details on Russian Manicure, please see ‘What is a Russian Manicure?’ Here.

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