What is a BIAB Manicure?

Builder In A Bottle (BIAB) gel has completely changed the gel market in the last 10 years, with trace origins to Russian brand Kodi, who invented the first Rubber Base Coat in 2012.

Designed to marry strength with versatility, BIAB gel manicures offer a solution for those who require additional durability whilst still offering good flexibility. Designed to be applied in a structured technique, with a small apex it is best suited to medium length nails. BIAB can also be used for shorter nails, adding strength and protection to nails allowing them to grow without breakages.

With its unique formula, true BIAB gel offers the feel of a harder gel with the flexibility of a softer gel.  Available in a range of nude shades, this product works well for clients who require additional strength in a neutral colour without the need for a gel polish shade over the top.

Please note, for long nails a hard gel is recommended due to the amount of product needed to create an apex, there is a risk of gel not fully curing with a BIAB on long nails.

Neutral hard gel manicure, short nails, russian manicure, structured manicure

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