What is a hard gel manicure?

Hard gel has a stronger molecular structure than soft gels (soak off) and is a fantastic option for clients with long nails, due to its unparalleled durability and longevity.

Formulated with cutting edge technology, these robust gel compositions carry a lower allergy risk due to their chemical structure and are an ideal choice clients who have issues with acetone.

For clients with problematic nails, or who require a stronger gel to withstand the rigours of daily life, such as those who work extensively with their hands, or those with nails that struggle to retain softer gels, hard gel is an ideal option. Also, as hard gel is resistant to water it also works well for clients who have their hands in water frequently, such a hairdressers.

As hard gel is a file off only product, it should only be removed by a trained professional to avoid damaging the natural nail.

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