What is IBX Nail Rehabilitation

IBX is a revolutionary two-part system that toughens the natural nail from within, so that it can grow on its own. It also acts as a protective shield, inside the natural nail, under all gel polishes. The system works by fusing the nails top layers together, creating interpenetrating polymer network that becomes a permanent addition to the nail. The UV/LED curable technology in IBX penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate to toughen and protect weak nails, as well as fix chronic imperfections.

IBX Repair Part 1

An intense treatment used to repair specific damage and improve nail plate integrity under any gel manicure. This treatment is perfect for weak, thin, and damaged nails. A surface-based treatment for damage control and protection to promote natural nail growth.

IBX Strengthen Part 2

A penetrating, toughening product that fuses together the nails top layers to improve the nail plate, allowing natural nails to grow strong. A first of its kind treatment, IBX works inside the nail, not on top, and cross links to itself not the nail.

IBX Nail Repair and Strengthening

Nails that have been damaged by previous poor practices such as overfilling, incorrect gel removal, gel which has been picked off thus removing the dorsal layer, or naturally very weak and peeling nails are not suitable for gel in the first instance. In these cases, I will advise as part of your initial consultation and will carry out an IBX treatment to restore the nail health instead of carrying out a gel overlay.

Once nails are healthy again, gel can be applied. I only ever work on healthy nails and reserve the right to refuse gel services if the nails are damaged. This is for your own health and safety as uncured gel on a thin damaged nail plate is not advisable.

IBX Nail Rehab

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