What is a Soft Gel Manicure?

The epitome of understated luxury, a soft gel manicure is a modern marvel in nail aesthetics, transforming the industry of nail care. Ideal for clients who prefer a soak off product, with short to medium length nails, soft gel manicures offer a combination of durability and versatility. Brands such as Bio Sculpture, who first developed soft gel 30 years ago, offer bespoke bases for different nail types giving a prescriptive solution to each treatment.

Soft gels, in the hands of a skilled technician, can be used to hide imperfections in the nail shape and offer some strength to short or medium nails. With a commitment to preserving nail health, a soft gel manicure at Arch allows for gentle removal methods and minimal dehydration of the nail plate.

Whether you seek vibrant shades or sheer nudes for understated elegance, Arch offers a range of colours to suit every mood and occasion. If your desired colour is not available, Sarah can custom blend a shade for you to match your skin tone or preferred palette.

Applied with precision and care, these flexible gel formulas effortlessly adhere to the natural nail, delivering a flawless finish that withstands the test of time.

Sheer nude nails in an almond shape

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